Cafe of the Furious

Story Sent in by Todd:

Over dating site emails with Krystal, she told me that there was a cafe that she really liked. She had apparently been there once several years ago and had always wanted to return. She said she had forgotten its exact street address and couldn't find it on Google Maps. But she knew the neighborhood it was in and so we made plans to meet in that area.

It was evening when we met up at a street corner in a suburban neighborhood. She said, "It's right around here." There were no business of any kind around. The streets were full of houses. I followed her on foot from street to street and pretty soon I realized that she must have been mistaken.

I said, "This isn't even a commercial area. Maybe it's closer to a main road?"

She said, "No. I remember that house," and she pointed to a brick house that looked exactly the same as the brick houses on either side of it.

She led me down a few more streets for a little while when I suggested, "Maybe we can find another cafe?"

"I really want to find this one. Their salads were amazing."

We walked up and down the same neighborhood roads for a while longer. Maybe she expected the cafe to suddenly materialize if we walked around the same block counter-clockwise seven times. I'm not sure of that, but I was sure that I was hungry. I told her, "Let's get some dinner somewhere else and maybe you'll remember where it was while we eat?"

She was reluctant to give up the search so I added, "Let's do dinner somewhere else and then do dessert at your cafe."

That changed her mind and so we drove several blocks away to a nice downtown area with no shortage of cafes. It took her forever to pick a cafe because of course she had to look at the salads at each place to see if any were comparable to the ones she had at this mythical amazing place that was apparently replaced by an entire suburban neighborhood in just a few short years.

We finally, finally sat down to eat and she ordered a salad and when it arrived she was quick to inform me that it wasn't as good as the salad at her mystery cafe. She urged me to hurry through dinner so that we could go back to searching for it. I did my best to change her mind. I really did. I asked her if she wanted to order dessert at where we were or maybe we could find a bakery or ice cream shop... but no. She was dead set on finding that cafe. I didn't want to traipse around a neighborhood anymore, so I told her I'd probably go home after dinner. She said she was fine with that.

When we left the dinner place, she turned to me and asked if I was really going to leave. She said, "I thought you were going to help me."

I was pretty irritated at her and I said, "Why do we need to find this place? We spent forever searching for it before dinner, it's about all you talked about through dinner, and hello? We just had dinner! We don't need to find another cafe!"

She yelled, "I'm gonna find it with or without your help!" and she stormed off, back into the suburban neighborhood full of houses and no cafes whatsoever. I went home.

She texted me after 11 to say, "FOUND IT! DON'T YOU FEEL LIKE A JERK!"

I wrote back, "Send me a photo."

She didn't send me anything after that. And that was really okay.


  1. I think she couldn't find it either but was too proud to admit it.

  2. Is she a politician, per chance: persisting in her mistake despite all evidence,blaming others for it and then making up facts to back her up

  3. I'd like to hear her side of the story

  4. I'm not on the side of this date or anything, but the BEST Italian restaurant in my town is in this dinky little brick building right in the middle of a neighborhood with no other businesses around it. It is so nondescript that most people miss it until the line forms out the door. So...maybe the cafe existed, but probably not.


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