The Long and Snort of It

Story Sent in by Julianne:

Early in my college career I went on a dating site and met Joe. After a few messages we met for our first date, lunch at a sidewalk cafe near my school.

We chatted for about five minutes when he pulled his backpack onto his lap and asked me, "Guess what I've got in here!"

I guessed, "Books? Papers? A laptop?"

He laughed and said, "No," then opened up his bag - again, right in the middle of a sidewalk cafe, a public place - and pulled out a handful of little freezer bags with white powder in them.

"Cocaine!" he announced with a big smile. "Want some?"

I said, trying to restrain my shock, "No, thanks."

He put the bags away like he was just trying to sell me chocolate bars or something. Last date.


  1. I dont mind the ads. I find it hilarious youre trying to sell me a jewish date amongst a story about crazy people. Lol. But i do mind peculiar profiles and those sketchy emails. More cad dates stories please plz plz plz not those!!! Sincerely, a longtime lurker. P.s. ur cute face makes me gush. ;)

  2. OP must have missed this profile picture on his OKCupid page.

  3. Um. "Jewish date?" "Crazy people"? What do you mean exactly? I am super confused by this comment, can you please explain to me what you are getting at?

    1. I believe she was implying that there's irony in the fact that she's seeing ads for Jewish Dating sites on a site that highlights stories about crazy people. Because ALL Jewish people are crazy, too! Oh, the irony!

      Now if you'll excuse her, she's late for an appointment to drive her car into a crowd of anti-protesters...

    2. No, not quite. I get on this page lots of Muslim Dating website adverts, probably because I'm a regular visitor of this site which main topic is dating and I read a lot about international politics, especially the various crisis in the middle East. Therefore, the ads algorithms think that I must be a Muslim looking for a date!
      The irony here is that I'm not Muslim and that I am certainly not looking for a date, quite the opposite since this site is kind of off putting!
      In short, the advert that are supposedly tailored to your personal needs consistently get it wrong...


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