The King's Justice

Email Sent in by Geoffrey:


My name is Helen and I'm so happy to read your profile it is a nice read and you are a fun guy. Can you tell me where you play your board games? I visit some tournaments around here and maybe we've met each other before. HAHAHA YOUR NAME IS GEOFFREY. How do you even pronounce that? Gee off err eee? That is a stupid spelling of one of the stupidest names I've ever heard. I hate you for what you did to ned stark you bastard. Guess you should ask your mom about who your real dad was uhhuh!!! Never write me. Dickless.



  1. Looks like a younger sibling finished Helen's email and sent it for her. " never write me" so I won't have to tell my sister and perhaps meet you? Poor Helen, she doesn't understand why no one writes responds.

    1. That, or poor Helen suffers from split personality disorder!


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