Sing and a Miss

Story Sent in by Major:

Willa's profile mentioned that she sang as a hobby and took voice lessons. We went out a couple of times and then she asked me to attend a recital at which she'd be singing. I looked forward to it as I hadn't heard her sing before.

The recital was held at a community center. I went there and she... uh... was pretty abysmal. In fact, her voice was godawful. Everyone afterward went up to her to tell her how great she was but I... yeah. A real crisis of conscience, here. Honesty? Decorum? Which would win out?

I had opted for decorum and was close to going up to her to telling her that I thought she did a fine job when she disappeared into the community center kitchen with a couple of friends. I wasn't sure what was up but I figured that maybe it was something unrelated or personal or whatever.

Less than a minute later she stormed out of the kitchen and screamed for everyone to leave. She pointed a finger right at me and said, "Especially you! Get out! Get out!"

We all left, more than a bit bewildered. I emailed her afterward to ask her what had happened, but she tersely wrote back, "It's not me. It's you." What it was about me, I suppose I'll never know.


  1. Bullet dodged. She seems like an unhinged crazy person. Probably voted for Trump.

  2. "Artists" and musicians are very touchy about their work, and can't stand criticism from the uneducated/unwashed masses. In college, I dated a girl who was a multi-instrumentalist. I went to one of her performances, and afterwards I (stupidly without thinking) noted how small her part was in the performance. She must have played like 3 notes... Anyway, she was F U R I O U S! Foaming at the mouth furious. Took a lot of apologizing to get me out of that one... not sure our relationship ever really recovered.

  3. Oh, and I also meant to say that while OP might night have SAID anything negative, he could have had a look on his face that she picked right up on.


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