Story Sent in by Elia:

Craig invited me out for coffee during a rainy day. Once we had our drinks he headed for an outdoor table. As I mentioned, it was raining. Hard. Like biblically hard. I asked him if he wouldn't rather enjoy our drinks within a dry building rather than what was the wet equivalent of the bottom of a swimming pool.

He replied, "Why? Are you a witch? Gonna melt or something?" and then he went outside to sit in the downpour.

I remained in the coffee shop and drank my drink. Once I was done I left through the rear entrance and drove home.

He texted later to tell me he had a great time and asked me out again. Because he was dumb, I turned him down.


  1. This is one of those stories that is so facially weird that I feel as though the narrator (like the voice in a post-modern novel) has to be a little dishonest. Could it really being a torrential downpour? No one I have ever met wants to sit outside in a real rainstorm -- some light mist maybe or even some uneven light rain, but an actual downpour of biblical proportions? To me that's very, very weird.

    Hopefully, one of you more worldly commentators can tell me what this is about.

  2. I suppose the time of year could be a factor.I wouldn't have minded having some coffee in the pouring rain if it were in the summer time, wasn't lightening and if it wasn't coming down so fast and hard enough to dilute the coffee. Also having umbrellas at the tables could be another factor. So it all depends as you see...I think op left some details out. To some people rain is like kryptonite. Also op lost credibility when she snuck out of the back entrance. Perhaps she may have melted...I for one love being caught in the rain.

  3. I bet she doesn't like piña coladas either

    1. Number three! Pick number three, m'lord! *holding up two fingers*

  4. Very possible...

    That or maybe there was a downpour but Craig found OP so dull and boring that sitting outside in pouring rain looked like a much better prospect?


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