Story Sent in by Dwight:

After and early dinner, Zoe and I strolled through a downtown area with no real destination in particular. She stopped short at a restaurant and stared inside. Just within the window was an eating couple.

At first I thought that Zoe recognized them but she started to giggle at them and said to me, "Oh my God. That chick eats like a horse!"

I was surprised at Zoe's comment but the next events moved too quickly for me to fully react. I'm not sure if the couple heard Zoe's words, but the man jumped to his feet and made for the door as if he meant to confront us.

Zoe yelped and said, "He's gonna kill us!" and she tore off down the sidewalk. I had no choice but to follow after her. But I ended up losing her and so I went home.

She wrote me an email that night to ask me if I wanted to go out again. I didn't respond.


  1. Seems like Op let the next triple crown winner get away...

  2. Seems like Dwight the OP would have picked up some valuable insight from this date.


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