You Had One Job

Story Sent in by Melissa:

Way back when I first started dating in earnest I met Roger. On our first date he took me to a local restaurant. In the early part of our conversation he said, "I'm an open book. I'll talk about anything. Except for my great-grandfather."

I asked him, "What's up with your great-grandfather?"

He slammed a fist on the table and said, "I told you not to ask me about it!" and then he roared. Just like an angry lion.

The rest of the date was super-tense. We didn't chat much. Although he was nice enough to pay for our meals, I didn't go out with him again.


  1. I mean... he DID warn her...

  2. "Although he was nice enough to pay for our meals..."

    Asked and answered.

  3. When self respect is trumped by a free meal at Applebees...


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