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Story Sent in by William:

Jaqui suggested we go to a park for our first date and we lucked out: it was a beautiful day. There were birds chirping and kids running and people relaxing and it was just as idyllic as could be.

There were some benches near a pond and Jaqui remarked that she had a favorite bench. We walked until we found it and there was an elderly couple sitting on it. I didn't think it was a big deal but Jaqui thought otherwise.

At first she asked them to move, which I thought was poor form. Why couldn't we just find another bench? I stepped in to tell the old folks that they shouldn't move and that Jaqui and I would just find another place to sit.

But Jaqui really liked that bench. She wanted to ask them again but I strongly recommended against it. That's when Jaqui kicked at the bench, yelled, "I hate old people!" and stormed off.

I did my best to console her but she was inconsolable. It's just as well. I wasn't planning to go out with her again.


  1. Op should know that you don't console idiocy...

  2. Being a man I assume that "console" here has a deeper meaning -- like she was hot so I tried to comfort her in hopes of sex that would still end with me never calling her again. Maybe I am a cynic though.

    1. You can be a cynic and still be accurate.

    2. Frost , I was thinking about that as well.He had no feelings or time invested with her. I think he did the console routine and realized it wasn't working and took off.Sometimes it's best not to screw around with crazy.


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