Freeze and Thank You

Email Sent in by Bruce:

Hello Bruce!

After last night dazzle I went right home with the meaning to go right to bed but I opened up the freezer for some ice cream and I locked myself in it. They seem easy to open on the outside but from the inside they are HARD AND WEIRD! First of all it is like being on another planet but a planet made of ice and dark. There are things to eat but yeah they are like rocks because they are so hard. Like a rock planet. Whatever. You prob don't care. Maybe your two older bros would! Should we go it agin this week for food?



Bruce says: "I got this in my inbox. I had never gone out with this girl before. I do have two older brothers though."


  1. Question is, how did they know about your two brothers?

  2. Next question is, what the hell does this girl need a walk-in freezer for?

    1. Who's to say she didn't have a deep freeze and climb in?


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