Tooth and Justice

Story Sent in by Jonathan:

For my third date with Lois I invited her over to my apartment. We had take-out, watched a movie, made out, and she went on her way. All in all a successful date.

When I went to the bathroom to brush my teeth before bed I saw that my toothbrush was in the toilet. As that's not where I keep my toothbrush, I texted Lois, "Hey did you drop my toothbrush in the toilet?"

She wrote back, "NO BUT I KNOW WHO DID."

Tired of the game, I wrote back, "Why did you put my toothbrush in the toilet?"

She never replied to me. Ever.


  1. Perhaps op had bad breath? Nothing says sexy like take out flavored kisses. Lois was giving Op a sign. Tooth brush in the toilet usually means someone is mad at you but I suppose it could work for bad breath as well.Anybody wondering what OP did with that tooth brush?

  2. I'm thinking she brushed her teeth with toilet water before making out with OP. The thought going through her crazy squirrel brain: "This'll show him!"


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