Fashioned Statements

Email Sent in by Cara:

Dear Cara,

I love the e-mail you sent. If it is okay with you I will print it out several times and paste it all over my body and wear it as clothes today. "But Jason" (you ask) "how will you paste all these pages to your self?" I say I will use tape and you say it will not work on the skin. You are corright! Instead I will use honey. Honey is sweet and sticky and golden and rotten. It will do! Now I go a pasting! Paste paste paste paste paste. Your e-mail will be my clothes!

Stay tight,


  1. It's easier to catch flies with honey...

  2. Honey is rotten? What an ignorant to think honey is rotten. Not knowing that honey is a natural antiseptic, thus cannot rot, is a massive red flag to me. OP should definitely not trust this guy.

  3. With or without a buttflap for pooping?

  4. There is a TON of bad shrooms going round.


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