Yearning to Whine Free

Story Sent in by Sam:

On our date, Gina and I went into a touristy little gift shop for some reason. She grabbed a handful of novelty Statue of Liberty keychains and handed them to me. "They're $3.95 each. I want them all for my family."

I said, "That's very generous of you," and attempted to hand them back to her.

She backed away. "No! I was hoping you'd help me buy them, at least."

I said, "I already paid for dinner. I'm not buying presents for your family."

She said, "They're the Statue of Liberty," as if I'd reply, "Oh! My mistake! Of course I'll buy them."

But I didn't. I said, "If you want them, you buy them," and I put them down on a nearby counter.

She repeated, "They're the Statue of Liberty! What's your problem?"

I said, "And you have the liberty to buy them. Go for it."

She grabbed them all and stomped over to the cashier. She dumped them on the counter and then stormed out, leaving them there and not even paying for them. I ran out after her but she was gone. I'm glad, in retrospect.


  1. This was dull... and boring.

  2. LOL, she dumped them at the register in hopes that a "real man" would walk over and buy them after realizing the err of his ways, then chase after her.

    Oh well, at least OP had a Fleshlight to go home to...


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