What Was in the Chili?

Story Sent in by Jack:

I met Jillian while we were both in rehearsals for a local theater production. She was a great singer and I admired her talent. We went out a few times and then I invited her to my place for homemade chili.

When she tasted my chili she gagged and said, "My voice! It's ruined!" and she stumbled over herself to bust out of my apartment without even so much as a "thank you for the chili."

She didn't respond to my messages and at the next rehearsal she didn't show up. Nor did she appear at the one after that. Her part was subsequently recast and the show went on. I never saw Jillian again.


  1. Now that is what I call a chili reception.Jillian sounds like a five alarm drama queen.And I bet op will never have that recipe again.Oh no!

  2. " I never saw Jillian again." Because she died on the way to the hospital from your way over spiced ghost pepper chili.

    Conspiracy theory comment: Jack was tasked with getting rid of Jillian as the lead singer for this play by his aspiring singer girlfriend. He gets close to Jillian, invites her over for dinner, then makes a chili so lethal to human vocal chords that her career was ruined. References - Every crime/medical show ever.

    1. OMG, I had the exact same conspiracy theory...

    2. I think I saw that episode of CSI.


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