Too Decent

Email Sent in by Andrew:

To Andrew:

You knocked the wind out of me! I could not hear you over the phone because the party I was at was too loud (thanks R. Kelly!) but I think you proposed a marriage to me!?!?!? We have only been out a few times and it is too early! You can't imagine how I agonized over writing this but you are just too decent to marry. Good luck out there!!!



(Andrew writes, "Patricia and I had been out on three dates that had gone well. I called her up to say hi and she was at a party. I have no idea where she got the idea in her head that I proposed. I didn't.")


  1. I don't always propose marriage after 3 dates, but when I do, I make sure it's over the phone while R. Kelly is playing...

  2. I bet Andrew would of had a better shot if Beyonce was playing.

  3. Who still listens to R. Kelly? I think that's the real question here.


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