Story Sent in by Sam:

I went out on a first date with Maura on a Sunday morning after it had rained all the night before. It was a warm day and so we were out and about in a park. We had spoken for a couple of weeks beforehand and we had already become pretty flirtatious. We poked each other back and forth and then it became a tickle fight.

She laughed and ran away from me over the grass. I ran after her. She turned around, poked and tickled at me, and then cackled and ran away again.

Within seconds she slipped on the grass, fell, and there was a definite sound of a crack. She screamed and I went to her side. She then yelled, "Get away from me! Police! Police! Police!"

I have no idea what suddenly made it a police matter, but I didn't stick around to find out. I ran away as fast as I could and went all the way home. I didn't contact Maura after that so I have no idea if she was able to hobble home, if the police had to help her, or maybe even if she's still there in that field, screaming away.


  1. WTF? You just ran away instead of calling 911? OP is the creep here. Wow.

    1. Agreed! What the hell OP?! Given a minute or two, I'm sure she would have calmed down and you could have helped her.

      Portion of the story not being told: OP reached out to tickle her and accidentally pushed her. Hence the shouting for police.

    2. Agreed, "poking" has any number of unsavory meanings.

    3. Tickle fight....groping. Running away, I agree there' s a bit of the story missing and OP should have stepped back and called 911/ cops if he was innocent.
      Cackling? Who cackles but a witch. Was that a subtle play on calling Maura a b*^#%?

  2. Seriously, Sam? Turn tail and run while she's screaming for the police, good idea. Not sketchy at all.

  3. The only possible reason for her to call the police in this case was to accuse you of assault. When someone makes a serious false accusation like that, they lose the right to have you stick around and help.


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