The Colors of the Wind

Story Sent in by Danielle:

When I was in college a friend set me up with Justin. He and I went out to dinner at a vegetarian place near campus and talked about our lives the way college students typically do.

When we made it the harmless topic of "What's your favorite color?" I told him that mine was purple. Then I asked him what his was.

He replied, "Mine is BARF!" and then he spat out a mouthful of food all over the table.

Check please.


  1. Replies
    1. I know Benoit, I thought the same thing. Who purposely goes to a vegetarian restaurant?

    2. Even if you accidentally go to a vegetarian restaurant, who purposely stays there? Unless they have an amazing pasta/mushroom dish. Only excuse.

  2. Danielle forgot to mention that Justin is a mog - half man, half dog, he is his own best friend. She's just lucky she wasn't in a Mercedes at the time.

  3. I definitely pictured the conversation starting off like this.

    And then just spiraling way downward from there...

  4. My favorite color is medium rare.Damn vegs eating my food's food!


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