Take My Knife, Please

Story Sent in by Teena:

Adam and I were just walking through town when he pulled out a butterfly knife and started just opening it and closing it while we walked. I finally asked him, "Um... why do you have a knife?"

"In case any guy tries to steal you from me." He added an extra-creepy wink.

I said, "I don't think that's going to happen. Can you put the knife away?"

He rolled his eyes and said, "It's not going to happen because I won't put the knife away. Relax."

It was hard to relax. He kept playing with the knife for the rest of our walk and I brought the date to a hasty end before it went on for too much longer.

He wrote me that night to ask me out again but I ignored it. A few weeks later he wrote me another email to ask me if I was seeing anyone else. I blocked him.


  1. @ JMG - Goddamnit Jarrrrrred, if you have to make up names for these people, stop wasting the opportunities. Teena went out with Mack, not Adam.

    1. That was a bright spot in my morning, thanks A.

  2. All I could think of was when, on the bus in middle school, the boys would randomly clap really loudly. And if you asked them why, they'd tell you it was to keep the dinosaurs away. And if you pointed out they were extinct, they'd loudly exclaim that it was working, and then break into hysterical laughter. (I mean, it made me laugh too, but probably not quite as much as them...)

    So I just feel like Adam-cum-Mack wasn't that original, just a little more potentially violent.

  3. "In case any guy tries to steal you from me."


    1. My thoughts exactly. "You are an object and I own you" type thinking right there. What if *she* decided she wanted to be with a different guy? Ew indeed.


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