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I waited for you all day at lunch but why didn't you ever not show? There is a riddle in that first sentence that if you then now figure it out we will go out maybe once not once. There is a riddle also in the second sentence if you figure THAT one out I will be even more shocked since no one has ever figured it out as of this writing. If you can figure it out write to me and then we can gobble it up!


  1. Talk about eating words...No thank's,I'm trying to watch my carbs.

  2. Are there really riddles in the first two sentences, or is he just messing up with double negatives and tense to make himself look interesting?

    1. No riddle, just trying to seem interesting at the expense of practicality.

    2. I just found the pants too hot -- all that felt. Plus I fell over and couldn't get my feet to touch the ground. That was embarrassing. People loved the haircut though.


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