Mystery at Fear Mountain

Story Sent in by Penny:

Anthony asked me if I wanted to go skiing. He was apparently pretty good at it. I had gone once when I was eight. He assured me that he'd show me the ropes and be patient as I worked my way up to not crashing into trees.

When we arrived I rented skis and he showed me some skills on the kids' slope for a couple of hours. He then brought me to the top of a double black diamond slope, which was extremely steep and extremely horrifying. He said, "The best way to learn is to jump right in. Just follow my lead." He then flew down the slope ahead of me at a skill and speed that I couldn't hope to match.

I ended up going down most of the way on my butt. It took maybe around an hour and a half but I finally made it down in one piece. Anthony was nowhere to be seen down below and I called his phone.

He picked up and said, "Oh my god. I totally forgot."

"Forgot what?"

He said, "I completely forgot that I was at the mountain with you. I'm in my car on the way home."

We had gone there in one car! I yelled for him to turn around and he hesitated and mumbled some excuses and so I hung up and had to call a friend to beg them to come pick me up. Anthony called my phone a few times and left voicemails asking where I was and if I was all right. But he didn't once apologize. So I didn't once let him know that I was safe, sound, and not interested in seeing him again.


  1. Sound like he was trying to kill u and when u didn't die he got bored and went home. Wah wa wa better luck next time

  2. Anthony found out Penny was no ski bunny and decided to ditch her.How else do you explain him"forgetting" her?I don't buy it.It seems like he went to the car right after he finished his run.How can anybody be that disinteresting that you forget you were with them?Telling a beginner skier to go down an expert slope,then taking off to let Penny fend for herself instead of being there with her is careless.Anthony seems like a sociopath.Not even sorry about what happened and didn't want to come back and get her!And where was the ski patrol?Their supposed to help skiers who are struggling.That's strange that Penny wasn't rescued.However Penny is partly at fault because she should've known better to go down such a treacherous trail and is lucky she didn't run into a tree or other people resulting in injury.I'm a bit of a snob when it comes to the slopes and can't stand butt dragging peons in my way.I'm in no way a pro but I have experience and Penny should of said "hell no" and went down a green trail which would of been better suited for her.How do you not know your life is in danger?I would have to say that after reading the bad date stories on this site a few years that this is the worst bad date story I have read to date.I deem Anthony king of the piste ants and Penny queen of the damned.

    1. I like how emotionally involved you are in this story. Also, thanks for the birthday gift!

    2. Oh geez Mel you're as bad as Anthony. Penny is a total noob for skiing -- and it's *very* plausible she didn't notice the double-diamond until they were there. Go down the green slope? Umm, not every trail is connected so maybe she couldn't get to one! Geez what an arrogant snob you are! At least she had the brains to go down on her butt and I'm sure she was way off to the side.

    3. Jody I can't tell if you're actually mad or not haha. I think with nearly anything to do with ice and snow, especially for a first time experience, can be easy to underestimate. I think yall should take a deep, lovely breath, and turn your hate toward other things. After all, fear leads to anger, anger leads to hate, hate leads to suffering.

    4. Also true for trips to Ikea.

    5. @ JMG - You really should keep your Trump movie reviews going. Please, don't make me tell you about the movie reviews again.

      They are really funny and I keep telling everyone to check them out. I'm working hard for you on my end my friend.

  3. See, if OP had taken a quick ski lesson, she might have anticipated this problem.

  4. Jody get off your high horse(see what I did there),I said I was a snob about the slopes,did I stutter?I would help someone in trouble and not put their life in danger unlike Anthony.You can always turn back.It might be a hassle but it's doable.That resorts ski patrol must suck.I guess I should give peeps a heads up as I suck at being facetious.All this talk has inspired me to be even more awesome.And so guess where I'll be this weekend?Having peeps taste my powder.But not the double black diamond kind...

  5. J man thanks and I love the Trump movie reviews!A request?Am I being too greedy to ask for another one?"A dogs purpose".


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