Hair and Gone

Story Sent in by Madeline:

Beau's hair looked like he had stuck his fingers into an electrical socket. It was such a mound of hair that it was a little intimidating and when he messaged me I ignored the email for several days. Then he wrote me another one and he sounded friendly enough. We talked and I finally agreed to go out to lunch with him.

It turned out that the photos didn't do his hair justice. It was as if he had teased his hair out a gigantic amount prior to our date. When we sat down together he said it was a good thing that the restaurant didn't have candles on the tables because he said his hair had actually twice caught fire from them!

Most gross of all, he used his hair as a napkin, often wiping his fingers in it. Made me want to barf. I didn't go out with him again.


  1. I was completely against OP until the end -- the hair as napkin is more than a little gross -- though she seems a really unreliable narrator. I say that because the rest of it is insanity.

    It reads as "got a picture of a possible date and the date had trait X in the picture. Then, SO GROSS, when the date showed up, the date actually had trait X in real life. Yuck!" One wonders whether people understand how photographs work or reality. Yes, people with "weird" hair, or small breasts, or a few extra pounds in photos often have those things in real life. Try to catch up with the technology, it's about 160 years old.

    1. I don't like small breasts... :-(

    2. Maybe she thought his personality would make up for his hair. My husband is no where near model material but we get along well so I can overlook his appearance flaws.

  2. Googled "Hair Napkin" and was extremely disappointed.
    I doubled down and searched "Using hair for a napkin". Also extremely disappointed.
    Sorry guys, this is the best I could do.

  3. Arch,what about Phil Spector and Yahoo Serious?Although I've never seen either one use their hair as a napkin they had some big hair.

  4. I blame springing forward for my current brain-mushiness, but this is all I can think of.

    1. Archie Girl,not too shabby!You could surf on those bangs!


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