Tied to Be Fit

Story Sent in by Traci-Anne:

Morgan came off as a great guy at first. Lots of charisma and a handsome smile. But when the waiter came over to take out drink orders Morgan got in trouble for trying to tie the waiter's shoelaces together. It was really obvious that he was doing it and I wasn't sure why he tried it at all.

After the waiter left the table (after giving Morgan a warning) I asked him why he tried to tie the waiter's shoes together. He said, "I thought it would be funny to watch him fall over and shatter into pieces."

I replied, "I don't think that's how waiters... work."

He said, "Next time he comes back I'll show you."

Morgan tried it again when the waiter came back with our drinks. Morgan was then kicked out and that was the end of our date.


  1. Morgan seems tied and true.

  2. Middle school boys are really bringing their A game on dates these days. Amazing the OP let that one get away.

  3. I would say that this story is not credible, but then I remember that election where a reality TV star with the worst favorable ratings ever ran for president against a candidate with the second-worst favorable ratings ever and I think: "oh yeah, this could totally happen."

    In fact, at this point, if the waiter had fallen and broken into like 7 tiny waiters I would be like: "oh, okay, so that's where busboys come from. Cool."

  4. Clearly he had a plan!

  5. You're supposed to take all their pens and ask them for diet water. Their circuits can't take it and they'd explode.

  6. That is true what you say about their pens.What is it with men and their pens?I husband cocks his head like a confused pooch whenever I toss him a shirt without any pockets to hold his precious pens.


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