Sparks Flew

Story Sent in by Grace:

On our first date, Ed took me for a walk around his neighborhood and at one point he told me to wait while he ran up on a porch (that I guessed was his own) and brought back a long metal rod.

"Know what this is?" he asked me and then he held it up toward some electrical wires above us!

I yanked his arm down. "Don't do that! Are you stupid?"

He said, "My dad's been working at the power company for years. He taught me to do this without getting hurt and I want to show you."

He tapped at the wires really quickly with the rod so I couldn't really see what he did or how he did it. Then he handed it to me and said, "You do it. It's easy. Do it and you'll be able to go back and brag to all your friends."

I wasn't about to touch the wires with that (or any) bar so I said, "Not this time."

He said, "If you don't do it, there may not be a next time. I thought you liked daring things."

He tapped at the wires again but I wasn't about to mess around with it. He went back to the porch, put the bar down on it, went inside the house, and never came back out.


  1. He was probably trying to knock OP out so he could lock her up in his basement.

  2. Uh, aren't the wires insulated?

    1. Get a long steel rod and go check for us Steve. I think we need some independent 3rd party review on this. ABCotD eagerly awaits your findings.

  3. When I was a kid I grew up near a dairy farm. I found out that electric fences around the pastures aren't constantly on, that they pulse, and you can safely touch the fence between pulses, if you time it right. This led me to telling people "Look, the fence isn't on. *touch* See? *touch* It's not even on! *touch*"

    Looks like Ed came up with a similar, but deadlier, version of that game.


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