And Now I Have Three

Story Sent in by Alex:

I'm a Pittsburgh Pirates fan and according to her profile, so was Cathy. We had some great conversations and then decided to meet in person. I picked out a good sports bar and arranged to meet her there.

Not long after I arrived Cathy showed up herself - with another guy.

She introduced him to me, "Alex, this is my boyfriend, Liam. Liam, this is my friend, Alex."

Cathy's profile had said she was single. Heck, Cathy had a profile to begin with. What was this?

I wasn't about to blab, "I thought this was a date," as I didn't want to throw her under the bus. Still, Cathy caught my confusion and asked, "What's wrong?"

I said, "I... I thought this was going to be something else."

She then reached into her purse, pulled out a baseball, kissed it, and handed it to me. She then turned to Liam and said, "Ready to go?"

They left. And now I have a baseball that I didn't have before.


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    1. Or looking for a threesome in the most complicated and inefficient way possible. Which would also be insane so you are exactly right.

  2. This seems to happen quite a bit. KatieGirl admitted to having a profile up, in addition to having a boyfriend, because they liked the attention and affirmation.

    Who knows? Maybe she liked OP and planned on going to meet him alone, but somehow got busted and convinced her BF that she was "just friends" with OP, and will take him along to prove it.

    Doesn't explain the baseball-kiss, though...

  3. Sorry you struck out OP. You didn't even get to first base with this girl. Was she even a Pirates fan?

  4. Not good for OP. Not good at all. As a precaution against freaks, she brought along a good friend/gay friend/brother with her for protection, to watch from a distance. Then she saw OP and didn't like what she saw, so she bailed out ...

  5. OP, you should have said, "I thought this was a date because we met on a dating site", right in front of the "boyfriend." If that really was her boyfriend, you would have done him a favor by letting him know his girlfriend is worthless. If he was just a cover, you would have called her out for being a douche.

    1. Really? If she is trying to cheat on her boyfriend he is supposed to play along after she got him into a weird situation? No, if this gets her info trouble that's on her and she gets what she deserves.

    2. Exactly, Nickname unavailable.


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