Sounds Like We Can Make a Site Just About This Guy

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Profile Sent in by Kim:

About me:

Huey Lewis said it was hip to be a square. I say that he never tried being a TRAPEZOID! Seriously being a trapezoid is the best. You have the same corner approximation but otherwise you can party with the best of them. I was alone in Montana for many years but now I'm back in the city and trying to meet some good guys. There was only one guy in my geographic area who always wrote to me. He even pretended to be different guys but I found out it was him every time. Of course the only way I could find out was by going on dates so I actually went on close to 6 first dates with the same guy without knowing it was the same guy beforehand. That's why I think I'm more of a trapezoid than a square. Everyone says they're had a rough life but they haven't had mine! Mine's been rougher than most and I will tell you about it over dinner.


  1. Trapezoid?I think that person is more of a Bermuda triangle because I'm lost now...

  2. Wow two bad date stories in one: the weird bad date thinking he/she is a trapezoid who had a bad date experience of first six dates with the same guy...

  3. Fool me once, shame on you. Fool me six times and we might as well meet each other's parents.

  4. So... Five first dates.

  5. Plot twist, the person she messaged is the same guy she's been having all these dates with.

    1. Extra plot twist!They are all the same person and she's been dating herself!

  6. "I was alone in Montana for many years..."

    You don't say.

  7. You might say she's in... rough shape! (cue rim shot)

    ...I know, I know...


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