Someone Needs a Bar, All Right

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I am a volunteer fireman. I will take you to a place to eat that is an old firehouse and show you all the things that no one ever notices when they eat there. There is the place where the old firemen slept and the place where the bar was that we slid down way back in the day when we did that sort of thing. No more bars anymore because of liability and insurance liberals! They come into our town and tell us that we can't have bars to slide down anymore and have to use the stairs but the reason we have the bar is to increase time to save lives -- all lives! Not just townspeople but the new liberal people as well! If we don't slide down a bar and get there late to save you you will have killed yourself!


  1. I don't know if that's the fault of "liberals" but I think the poll was not something that had to go

  2. I think I know where the missing pole is...(___!___)

  3. The liberals count as people now!

  4. Thanks OBAMA!

    Also, it's called a pole, not a bar.


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