Maybe He Was Right

Story Sent in by Maeve:

Green Day was playing in a nearby city and I really wanted to go. I was dating Dom at the time and he called me up and said he bought tickets. To say I was thrilled was an understatement.

He picked me up the night of the concert and drove me to a local high school. When I asked him what we were doing there he said that he had actually picked up tickets to a high school classical concert thing and not Green Day at all. To say I was disappointed was, yes, an understatement.

I asked him, "Why'd you tell me for the past few weeks that you bought Green Day tickets?"

He said, "Because I wanted you to be happy. But this concert here tonight is really good, too."

I'm sure that the little high school kids put on a great concert but I was expecting a night with Green Day. I was so upset with him for lying to me that I insisted he take me home and when we arrived he actually asked me if he could come inside! I told him that I had to think about our relationship and left it at that.

That night he emailed me photos from the high school concert. He wrote, "You're missing a great time! So much better than Green Day!" I'm glad he had such fun. I didn't write back then, or ever.


  1. If you really wanted to go to this concert, why didn't YOU buy tickets yourself? Maybe you could have surprised Dom. Instead, you wanted to be a ticket wh0re and rely on a man to buy them for you, so you got what you deserved.

    Also, I'm pretty sure the high school kids had much better musicianship than Green Day...

    1. Maybe she was going to buy tickets until Dom said he bought tickets.

    2. Steve enjoy the Brain Stew...

    3. WHY would she buy tickets when the idiot Dom said he HAD bought tickets?

  2. Kind of a stupid thing to lie about but dom you do you dude.

  3. After this happened, would you say you were... walking down the boulevard of broken dreams?

    Ba dum-- oh.


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