Should I Go or Should I Go

Story Sent in by Liana:

I was out to dinner on a first date with Justin. It was a freezing winter night and so I had my coat with me. When I came back from using the bathroom my coat was gone and Justin said, "I hid your coat so now you can never leave."

I was having a decent time with him so I went with the joke for a little bit. But he didn't seem to have any plans for the evening other than dinner and he droned on for a while and then I just wanted to go.

"Can I have my coat back, now?" I had no idea where he had hidden it.

He said, "Nope! Not until I choose to let you go."

"I've had a good time but I'm pretty tired."

"Too bad. You're staying here with me."

Ha! No. I looked under the table to see if he had stashed it there and then took a walk to the coat rack in the front of the restaurant and there it was. I went back to the table to wish him a goodnight (we had already paid the check) and he looked truly stunned that I had been smart enough to find my coat.

Instead of wishing me a goodnight he said, "No! Stay!"

"Sorry. I really have to go."

"Stay! Staaaaay!" he called after me, possibly long after I was gone... and possibly he's there still, calling and calling for the girl who'll never, ever come back to him.


  1. The old "hide the coat where the coats go" trick! I love that one. As Sherlock said to Watson when they were looking for the little person who had done the crime "if you want to hide a needle put it with other needles, not with hay." They then went and found him at a circus -- but I digress -- the real point is that nothing ends a first date as well as semi-theft/messing with my date.

  2. One time, I walked in on Bananas noisily screwing some guy with a crew cut and a large scar on his back...

    1. Was it twice on a bed of trash while you watched?

    2. Yep. Then we dined on cat food whilst chained to Jared's wall...

    3. Whoops. I forgot I left you two there.

  3. Because speaking to your date like a dog is so fetching.

  4. I had this happen to me on a first date a few months ago. Except he claimed *I* was lost because I was wearing my coat! That's why he "couldn't find" me.
    Oh wait...


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