Mall Beds?

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My perfect date: the mall! It has beds, bathrooms, food, and clothes. Good for all 4 seasons. Good for winter break or summer vacation! Make it happen!


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  2. Bern confused "date" with "zombie apocalypse". Although, for young awkward men with a lack of confidence, the two might feel the same...

  3. But Walmart has all that too.Hmmm,Mall bed or Walbed?Now I want to go on a soul searching journey to the mall and explore bed,bath,and beyond.The beyond is beckoning to me.I could survive off of free samples and sleep on a different bed every night.Or those massage chairs.Listening to top 20 of yesteryear as I search for the rare and nearly distinct"book store".I will be the greatest mall rat of all time wearing my mall rat hair with pride...

    1. Hang out at the mall? Oh, I think I'd prefer ritual suicide.

      Did I tell you about that time with my cousin Walter?


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