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Story Sent in by Jabber:

Toni gave me quite the adventure. After way more emails than it should've taken to plan an evening out, we agreed on a Chinese restaurant about equidistant from our homes.

I arrived first and when she didn't show I called her. She said that she was at another Chinese place not too far from the one where I was. She said that she liked hers better so I drove to that one. Once I was there I didn't find her so I called her and she said that she had changed her mind and had actually driven to the one where I had been, first. She said she wanted to check out their menu for herself and decided to go to that one, instead.

I drove back to the first one, more than a little annoyed. When I arrived there she was nowhere to be seen. I called her and asked, "Don't tell me you went back to the other restaurant," and she replied, "Actually no. I'm at home. I never went out at all. Just wanted to see if you'd actually go back and forth. Bye," and she hung up.


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  2. Op should have known from the start as it took more e-mails then it should've to plan a date.The way I see it is,If a person acts like they're stalling to meet you then they don't plan on actually meeting you at all.They lurk online dating sites getting their ego's stroked.Toni got what she wanted from Op which was attention to build her ego without having to leave the house.Think of all the starving dinner ho's out there that would of shown up and enjoyed some peking duck.That bitch...

    1. Riiiight? A disgrace to all dinner wh0res out there!

  3. Unrelated to the story. I once had a co worker get angry at me for using the word "equidistant". He didn't know what it meant and when I explained it he asked, "Why didn't you just say 'an equal distance between'?"

  4. That's when I would have sent the following text:

    "I will spend the rest of my life hunting you down and making you pay for this. J/K?"


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