When Brains Defrost

Email Sent in by Renee:

Happy Holidays Renee,

I am bursting at the seams for you while at the same time patient and able to wait. Your profile is a beautifully written gem amid the crap toilet of online profiles. I am literally covered in crap of these other women and you alone are the cleaner for it. Have you been to the arctic? It is so white and clean the last clean untouched place on earth. I fell like I'd like online profiles a lot more if I read them in are arctic or at least if I read them while I was cold. DATE NOTION: we can read other people's online profiles in a fridge together???



  1. Renee should give this one the cold shoulder.

  2. I fridge-a-DARE her to pass up this opportunity.

  3. Like the movie"Frozen",Let it go Renee,let it go...

  4. Does anyone else get the image of this guy reading dating profiles to Renee's frozen corpse down in his basement freezer? No? Just me? Ok then...


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