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Story Sent in by Stephanie:

Sidney was driving us to dinner on our date when he pulled into a gas station and asked me if I'd go out and pump the gas. I told him, "Sure... but what will you be up to while I'm doing that?"

He said, "Just sitting here. Are you going to do it or not?"

I said, "Fine. Give me your card."

He said, "My card? Why?"

I said, "So I can pay for the gas."

He laughed and said, "You're paying for it. You want women's rights? This is the price. All the freedom you want. Pay for my gas or walk. There's a long line of women who'll do it for me."

I stepped out of the car, walked away, and called a friend to come pick me up.


  1. And the 2016 douche bag award goes to...

    1. Hang on there BL, this is 2016 we're talking about here. The list is long and the candidates are many.

    2. Sadly this is way too true.

  2. I'm proud of OP. If this was my daughter, I'd hope she would do the same thing with one tiny exception; call me instead of her friend so I could "educate" this guy.

  3. A full tank of gas?It's a date not a road trip.Just how much driving was going to be done that night?Op should of handed the doofus a $5 and said "This should cover the cost of gas used for our date tonight but insist that she was not wearing the correct shoes to pump gas in.In other words Op should of had fun with this pea brain.But storming away is the fast way to be rid of a dud.I wonder if any of Sidney's dates ever "accidentally" filled his car up with the wrong type of fuel by mistake.


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