Oh, It Happened

Story Sent in by Tallie:

When Brett and I were done with our pretty good first date he walked me to the lot where I parked my car, we hugged goodnight, and I stepped inside to drive home.

He then banged on my passenger window as if he wanted to tell me something. I rolled down the window and he said, "I had a great time! I hope I can see you again."

I replied that I had a nice time too and that he should reach out to me if he wanted to hang out again.

I rolled up the window, turned the car on, and prepared to leave the parking space when he banged on the window again.

This time when I turned, his junk was pressed up against it.

I screamed, honked my horn a few times, he jumped away, and I sped off as fast as the wheels could take me.

And he actually wrote me to ask me out again! Of course that didn't happen.


  1. So let me get this straight - going to a pastry shop and seeing all the delightful morsels behind glass = good? But seeing a nice, huge, veiny penis behind glass = BAD?!

    I just don't understand some people...

    1. Let me help you out here Steve. What if you went into a pastry shop and all the delightful morsels behind glass were covered in pubic hair? Am I painting a picture for you?

    2. What if Ariana Grande licked them all?

    3. With or without the pubes?

  2. Didn't OP invite him to " hang out". Probably should have waited for the second date....

  3. Did he mention the incident when he wrote to ask you out again? Inquiring minds want to know.

  4. How was his junk? Scared turtle or polish sausage? Asking for a friend.

  5. Will you box up your box for me? Thx.

  6. You gotta admire the balls on that guy.


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