Load Upon Load

Email Sent in by Anya:


You bring me load upon load of pleasure!! I go to your profile every morning and I bookmarked it to look at during the day and I look at it at night for a few minute before bed. My friend say I just need courage to write to you and should stop touching when I love okay at you profile so here is my email look at my profile write me back please!!



  1. I'd say that Amos has loads of courage and might very well be the king of missed connections.

  2. Finally! A new copypasta opening for my OKCupid profile -- I can retire my rumination on why reading Frost makes me want sex you so bad.

  3. His poor hand towels. So crusty they have the rigidity of concrete.

  4. Could be worse. At least he wasn't saving it in a box.

  5. Perfect example of a case of too much information.


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