Groundhog Minute

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Story Sent in by David:

When I called Mari to ask her out on a first date one of the first things she said was, "How'd you get my number?"

"You gave it to me online," I reminded her.

"I wouldn't do that. Goodbye." She hung up on me.

I was surprised and a bit sad. A few minutes later she called me up and asked, "How'd you get my number again?"

"You gave it to me. I can pull up the email right here."

She paused then asked, "How'd you get my email?"

I replied, "We talked over a dating site. For over a week. You seriously don't remember?"

Then she actually said, "I remember emailing back and forth over the site but I don't remember giving you my email."

"It was over the site. Did you want to go out or not?"

"Not if you don't tell me how you got my number. I'm really freaked out about it."

"You gave it to me. Online."

Click. She hung up again. Then a moment later she called me back and asked, "Who is this?"

I said, "David. Who is this?"

A long silence from her end, and then she hung up once more. This time she didn't call back.


  1. The part of David was played by John Cleese and the part of Mari was played by Eric Idle. The BBC hopes you've enjoyed this episode of WTF. Join us next week for more zany adventured.

  2. Wait... how did this site get my comment?!

    1. Steve, please stop commenting on my computer screen, it is really freaking me out.

  3. Sounds like a stoner chick who got really paranoid. Sounds like something my ditzy friend would do.


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