You Lose Some, You Lose Some

(The Austin Film Festival was last month. Read my notes on this week's Jared's Inkwell! -JMG)

Email Sent in by Emmy:

Hi Emmy:

Joanne and I were wondering why you dont come out anymore. We were friends once and now you find yourself another woman and you just do not come out and play. Can you take me gently in the night maybe? We dated and then you stopped. My heart is in pieces in the bin. Maybe you can take another chance with what we were and could be. You dated half the volleyball team one and now you only date yourself. You took off your clothes for Amy and made out with Leila all night but me? No. Nothing at all. Like you are saving me for something evil. I will not be a part of your pentecostal tribute and you should just not date anyone ever again. I curse you now and always!!! But Joanne might still like you? IDK try her. She says she does. Call us.



  1. I'm incredibly aroused right now...

  2. I have so many questions... Who are these girls? Did OP actually know them? Is the girl actually into her or not? Did she try to reference a poem? She should never go gently into that good night. There is much confusion.

  3. And thus began the introduction of the movie Chunky Horse, the horse that Emmy would meet in the night if she tries to go and meet up with Joanne and Caroline for a little magic in the woods...

  4. Yes, this is the beginning of a bad bad ending.

  5. Anyone else get the impression that Caroline is schizophrenic? She and Joanne are the same person. Also, I'm not sure she meant Pentecostal:

    Christian movements and individuals emphasizing baptism in the Holy Spirit, evidenced by speaking in tongues, prophecy, healing, and exorcism.


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