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Say you have two marbles. One is round and rolls the best that any marble has before. The other is a cube. Try rolling both. Now you see what I am like. Gone are the doubts and insocietal insecurities that plague us and our masters. Roll both and see. I am the perfect marble. Round and perhaps unadorned yet I will roll forever. The lowly cube cannot roll. Your choice to pick but one of them will continue forever after we are all dead. Immortal. The other will stop be the time you finish reading this sentence. Your choice - the cube or the perfection sphere - which?


  1. "The lowly cube cannot roll".Then how can it stop spinning by the time the sentence is read if it can not roll?Apparently this guy never rolled dice.In fact I bet this guy has no dice or marbles to roll.This reminds me of the spinning top from the movie "Inception".And like the movie this guy can't tell dream world from reality.A marble is round.A cube is square.If you can not tell the difference between the two then all hope is lost.But since I must choose between the two,I pick the roll.A fresh baked roll with some butter...

    1. Only if it is cinnamon -- hot and gooey -- and dodecahedronal in shape! The true outlier, the shape of a genius, rollable and yet flat too! The magic of it, the sheer mastery of it! That is what I am: neither round and dull rolling to the whims of the balance of the table, nor square off with only six sides (the number of sides of the devil). But multi-sided, multitudinous, glorious!

      And good for D&D.

    2. I prefer the icosahedron myself. All hail the 20 sided die! It giveth and it taketh away.


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