Gas Hole

Story Sent in by Jean:

Bart and I were out together on our second date, driving around town in my car. I saw that I needed gas and so I stopped at a station to fill the tank. As I did he said he was going to run inside the convenience store for just a minute.

Several minutes after I was done filling up he hadn't returned so I parked and went inside the store. There was no sign of him anywhere. Not in the beverage aisle, the snack shelves, the hot dog roasters, or the unisex bathroom. Bart was gone. So I called him, left a voicemail, and left.

When I returned home I planned to get ready for bed. As I did there was a knock at my door. I answered it. It was Bart. He said, "Why'd you leave without me?"

I said, "I looked for you and called you. What was I supposed to do?"

He shrugged, said, "I don't know," then turned and left. I never saw him again.


  1. But did you check the beer cooler OP? My guess is that he was building a fort out of the cases of Budweiser and Natty Light.

  2. How did he know where you live OP? Rookie mistake.

  3. Is that not how you play hard to get?


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