The Forests of the South

Email Sent in by Rosalee:

You have a profile that makes me want to show you everything ive got going on. There's a spot id like to take you to. If you want to see the thing im talking about then you just need to write me back. Im free friday, saturday, sunday, monday, tuesday, wednesdays, thursday and friday again of this week. I want to show you my special area and see what you think. It is a place full of hair and a lovestick that will do you all the night long! Is it in florida or toledo. No. Where is the sunny place I will take you. Not a place. Im talking about my dick lol. Let me know if you want to see it.



Rosalee says, "Without waiting for a response he went ahead and sent me a dozen dick pics anyway. I think I'd rather go to Toledo."


  1. And you didn't call him immediately?! I'm sure his success rate with this is staggering. You should snatch him up before some other lucky lady does.

  2. Lyle just had to go that extra mile but alas,the forest was as dense as he was.Looks like The Blair Dick Project will never be produced...

  3. Somehow I've made it into my adult life without any unwanted dick pics. I'm pretty proud of it. Of course, now that I've said it out loud (written it out loud?) I'll have a dozen by morning.

    1. I'd send you some, but you'd need a REALLY hi-def screen...

  4. Shame, I personally feel like she lost a lot of opportunities... not least of which was to give some snappy comebacks. But who knows, maybe she kept the pics after all, so at least that's one opportunity not squandered.


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