It'll Be a Murder, All Right

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I've been alone for quite some time and I want to see what develops on a site like this. I have three friends who tried it and they were al ltaken out by psycho guys. So if you are a psycho you can check yourself at the door. Not interested. One of my friends is dead. The other two are missing and presumed dead. Not sure why the police do nothing. They just don't care about women anymore. But enough about my problems. I like beaches and everything there is to do at them. Sailing, parasailing, surfing, boogie boarding, swimming, tennis with crows. My one request is that if you take me to a beach (good idea for a first date with me! - hint hint) then just please don't be a psycho guy. That is all that I ask. Thanks for reading.


  1. Because psychos are always honest about being psychos so if you are one I can't date you.Sorry,not sorry....Enough about my dead/missing friends who had went out on dates with psychos and were never seen again,let's talk about me now...I like kittens,puppies and all the other random things people like on dating sites.,playing tennis with crows because they never heckle me.If we make a date for the beach I may just hint,hint have sex with you but only if you're not a psycho.Pinky Promise or no date!

  2. The logic in this is stunning.
    Sooo my three friends got on this site and now they are missing or dead, but on the plus side they did meet the guy they spent the rest of there lives with so here goes!
    Obviously Chunky Horse recruited her friends into his harem, too bad he only wants the ones who love psychos. Her loss.

  3. This one is oddly well-spoken for someone with no frontal lobe.

  4. Maybe she just had very specific ideas on how she wanted to die, and figured she'd preempt chance by putting herself out there?


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