Disappearing Act

Story Sent in by Emma:

I was at a bar with Craig and it was our first meeting. He asked me if I wanted to see a magic trick and I said yes. He asked for my wallet and I gave it to him.

He opened the wallet and pulled out my cash. He then handed the wallet back to me and pocketed my money. He then asked me a random question about my childhood.

I answered it, thinking that it was still part of the trick. But after a minute of unrelated conversation I asked him for my cash back.

"What cash?" he asked.

I reminded him that he had just helped himself to my money with the promise of a magic trick. He begrudgingly handed me a single bill.

"This isn't all of it," I told him.

He groaned like he was doing me the biggest favor and eventually dug out the rest of it. I counted it out to make sure it was all there and he said, "Way to trust me." Uh... yeah. You just tried to steal my money right in front of me.

He brought the date to an obviously hasty close and left. I was glad to be rid of him.


  1. Never hand over your wallet to a stranger!A bar is not the best place for a first meet up to begin with.Drinks will flow which can lead to bad decisions and dangerous situations.

  2. I'm definitely suspicious of anyone doing bar room magic. If you had let the "trick" keep going, maybe the bill would have "magically" been paid with your missing money. But he had to get all pissy when you wanted your money back. I hope you sent him off with a magic trick.

    He should have taken a lesson from a master....

  3. He might be the cheapest date we've seen so far! Oh sure, sure, I'll pay, but first hand over your wallet. Forget him bringing the date to a "hasty close", she shoulda noped outta there as soon as her money was back in her hand.

  4. This story is obviously fake, since it's already been determined that women do not bring wallets/cash on dates. But boy, do they bring appetites...

    1. Hahahah DAMN tell us how you really feel

    2. Lol, sheesh! Maybe they feel that after putting up with your bitter ass for the length of dinner, the least you could do is pay for dinner?
      Meh, I always took my wallet along on dates back in my single days, and if they guy insisted on paying, I'd usually offer to at least cover the tip, or buy us drinks somewhere after.

  5. I wonder what world this man came from. Certainly, in his world such things as integrity and honesty do not exist. Now I have a magic trick. POOF! I've now left this date and you're going home alone.

  6. Steve,I object!I always bring my purse with me when I go out but my fiance insists on paying.However since he hates clothes shopping I do that for him.So tit for tat or in my case lobster for Levis...

  7. This chick must be from the suburbs. Absolutely no street smart.

  8. I hope her next date doesn't ask for her credit card information....


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