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I am one of those few people who love doing laundry. In any given day you can see me folding, unfolding, wettening, and unwettening clothes. Guys love me as I will do their laundry for them for free. The payment is its own reward so they say. Most guys I know hate doing their own laundry so let me put my hands in your pants and I will launder the clothes like never before! You should also know I eat lots of shellfish so if you have an allergy then let me know ahead so I will not eat any that day in case my shellfishy hands touch your clothes. Thank you.


  1. A way to a mans heart is through his fabric softener..As for those"fishy" hands,wash them with soap.Don't want to be a shelfish lover now do you?

  2. Forget your hands... won't the smell emanate from your other, um... pores...?

    1. That is so true....so washing hands as well as taking a shower in mouthwash would simply not do.Perhaps she will find love on POF with someone who shares her love for pos.

  3. OP is missing out on some serious maid fetish fun. Poor guy found a goldmine and doesn't know it.

  4. I think she may have mixed up her shellfish and her laundry detergent a few too many times.

  5. Her perfect man clearly needs someone to do his laundry.

    Also, "wettening and unwettining"? Really?

  6. Noone got it? Prostitute add. One that works for free I guess. Sincenit is its own reward. A shellfish allergy would matter if she were putting her mouth south. Lmao


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