And Was it Chunky?

Email Sent in by Donald:


My you are a PEST. I didn't email you for what a day? And I find 12 EMAILS FROM YOU??? WTF>!!! I will Write back when I WANT TO WRITE BAXK. I AM NOT AT YOUR BECK AND CALL.

I rode the horse like you asked. I had a great time! Thanks for recommending Valeport. But I have to tell you that if you write me one more email that I will go crazy!!! Seriously dude you will want to wait for me to write back. I don't hang out at my email all day but I will write back when I can.

Sorry if I am harsh. When did you last ride the horse?



(Donald says, "I'm pretty sure she meant to send this to someone else. I never wrote to this woman in my life.")


  1. Chunky Horse has returned and has found a Chunky Bride.

  2. Chunky bride just doesn't have issues,she has the whole subscription....chunky horse does not approve!


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