The Darker Crystal

Email Sent in by Clifford:

Has anyone ever told you that your photos are bestial. You are so goddamn hairy that you must be some werewolf. NOT MEANT AS AN INSULT. Werewolfs are strong and noble creatures (ever play rage? it's a card game about werewolfs) and you could be among them! Your nose is also pointy like a werewolf snout but not so much that it no longer looks human (NOT AN INSULT AGAIN). You might want to look into your family lore to find out if anyone cross bread with a werewolf. Back in the 1600s there were all over the USA. Now there are only 10. A dying race ruled by a dying emperor. Find them if you can. Rejoin your people!

Queen Selma


  1. Weird email: no mention of a date!

  2. Notably, he provides not a shred of evidence denying his werewolfness. One wonders...

  3. Obviously it went over the OP's head that this was a jab at him posting shirtless pics.Alas,she is still searching for her king.....


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