Wipe Out

Story Sent in by Robert:

I walked with Janet in the city on our first date. She was chewing gum. After she was done with it she took it out of her mouth, dropped it in a garbage can, and then wiped her hand up and down on my shirt.

I pulled away and asked her, "What do you think you're doing?"

She replied, "I'm not going to wipe it on myself. You're a guy. Your shirt can take it."

I asked, "What if I sneezed into my hand and wiped it on you? Would you like that?"

She said, "I'd choke you before you had a chance. No joke."

That was our only date.


  1. If she was grossed out by her own spit, imagine her feelings towards your seminal fluids. You dodged a super-boring-in-the-sack bullet there OP. Also, I think she really would have choked you out....

    1. Meh, bullet dodged just on the mere fact that she was a gum-chewer. I don't like women who look like cows, chewing their own cud. How uncouth!

  2. I wonder what high school she wandered off of...

  3. I would have still hit it real quick before jetting out.

    1. Well, yeah, that goes without saying...


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