And The Price of Being a Mail Carrier

Story Sent in by Jessica:

Donald and I were both vegetarian and he took me to a place that was known for its vegetarian Indian entrees. As we ordered our meals he looked over the menu and asked the server for the messiest entree. He wanted something with lots of sauce. The more the better. Didn't matter what it was.

At the waiter's suggestion he picked something out and I asked Donald, "You like sauce?"

He replied, "It's not for me."

That was the end of that discussion and the rest of dinner went all right.

We left after the waiter dropped off the to-go order and we paid the check. Donald took out a pen and wrote, "For starving children" on the take-out box, then stuffed it into a mailbox!

"It's just going to make a big mess!" I told him.

He said, "That's the price of compassion."

He went for a kiss but I wasn't having it. That was our only date.


  1. Bananas applauds his compassion and creative use of vegetarian Indian cuisine. She would totally give him a chance.

    1. Actually, wasting food and inconvenciencing a total stranger for the sake of "starving children" who aren't even going to get any of it will absolutely NOT win you a chance.

    2. Mayhaps the owner of the mailbox placed the saucy food in his composter, which enriched his garden soil, and was then used to grow more food to feed starving kids.

      That's total boinking material right there...

  2. I wouldn't want to get a letter that shared his spilt " donation" prank; why not let the post office be aware of his charity, why should his generosity be anonymous?

  3. What have you done to help the starving children in this country and others?

    Well I shoved super saucy vegetarian food into someone's mailbox once on a date with the label, "for starving children," written on it.

    OMG I'm so sorry! Someone give this man a Nobel prize!!

    1. I know right? You literally could just take even half the money he would otherwise spend on that food and give it to ANY food pantry or food bank or soup kitchen and do way more to help starving children. It's probably enough to feed a hungry person one meal a day for at least a week.

    2. Are you serious? A head case does this scarey s hit, vandalizes a mailbox, and you overlook that and start babbling about hunger? Please, you can't possibly be serious.

    3. Are you serious? A head case does this scarey s hit, vandalizes a mailbox, and you overlook that and start babbling about hunger? Please, you can't possibly be serious.

  4. Lucky bastard! His mailman has a delicious meal coming to him.
    I would love to have indian cousine supplied to me by customers. Jealous.

  5. Someone pissed him off and he was being vindictive. I hate revenge. Be thankful you got a redflag so early on. Imagine had he fell for you and you ended it. You'd be next on his list of spiteful payback.


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