The Mold Has Claimed Her

Story Sent in by Shelby:

Amanda and I had planned to go on a hiking date and we both brought our water bottles with us. After a long walk we took a short water break. I drank from my canteen and she from her own.

She spat out a substance that looked like yellow cottage cheese. The smell was revolting. I asked, "What was in there?"

She said, "Just water! But I think it went bad."

I said, "Water doesn't turn into yellow cheesy bits. Did you have milk in there or something?"

She shoved her canteen at me and said, "I dunno. You try it."

The smell made me want to puke. I pulled away and said, "No thanks. Why don't you spill it out? You can have some of my water."

Instead she capped her canteen, shook it, and said, "Maybe I just need to break it up a little bit and it'll get better."

I said, "I don't think that's how weird moldy chunky stuff works."

She replied, "Fine. Give me your canteen."

She took it without so much as a please and drank the whole thing down. All of my water. In seconds. And there was no thank you.

We hiked a little more before I became really thirsty and so I told her that I was going to turn around to go fill up. She said she'd wait for me. When I returned she wasn't there.


  1. Why on earth did you return? Should have just left the crazy.

    1. Because you shouldn't leave people in the forest. That's how large scale manhunts get started and the possibility of being held liable for the cost.

  2. "I don't think that's how weird moldy chunky stuff works."

    No. Chunky Horse's ways are far more mysterious.

    1. Chunky Horse resents the insinuation behind the words "moldy" and "weird."

    2. It's the first sign. He can turn water to chunks - like Manna from Heaven!

    3. Please site your non-canonical sources.


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