Email Sent in by Juniper:


Hi you left Religion blank on your prifo proo your profoi your proif profile. Not a way to attract a man! Best thing to do is honesy ho honesyt honesty to tell us what your Religion is. So tell us. We will wait. All of us. Together. For there is only wr ron oen own orig one one ONE ONE BA! WHY can I not WRITE today??? I think I am ready now. So write back with your Religion so we can talk about it together.



  1. He's so honest he left his stutter in the non-audio message

  2. I pictured a scene from Hell, with demons at a laptop - one typing and the other frantically flipping through a Demon to English tourist translation book.

  3. Juniper. That's a nice name, but now I want gin damn you.

  4. I like his use of "we". I'm sure he was talking about the guys on the dating site but it reads more like the royal "we" which made me laugh.


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