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I was once told by a boyfriend that I had no neck. This is untrue as you can see in my photos clearly. Cars go by outside as I write this and I am distraught. They are not stopping and I waited outside for them to stop so I could cross the road but they never stopped so now I am trapped in a class that's not even my own and the professor is talking about some dumb civil war fight. Who cares? It was hundreds of years ago and now we're here. I'm glad my ancestors survived it don't get me wrong but it's time to move on from the past. Racism doesn't fly anymore.


  1. I'm pretty sure racists are just as capable of boarding a plane as anyone else, dear.

  2. I'm sensing that I really, really shouldn't discuss Black Lives Matter with him

  3. When he said the professor...
    When he said civil war....

    Clearly I have a problem.


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