Everybody Wants a Slice

Email Sent in by Jax:

Good morning,
I woke up last night from a dream where you killed me by cutting me into slices and eating me in bread and then opening a shop called Lillian's Meat where you sold my slices and no one came to stop you. Everyone everywhere came from miles around to enjoy my slices and you never got in any trouble and I was watching and vengeful and I couldn't do anything. I was just forced to watch children and babies - babies! - eating me. Then I was gone and I had no idea why I was still around as a spirit or ghost. And then I was a person again and you caught me and did it all again and you made so much money from selling all my slices.

I don't think we should go out again.



  1. I take it she doesn't want you eating her meat pie?

  2. You know, it would be a whole lot easier to just say, "I'm not interested in going on another date with you."

  3. I think she spent one too many nights watching reruns of Sweeny Todd. Hope her neighbors watch their cats!


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