Hiker's Island

Story Sent in by Laurie:

Eddie took me out to a nearby island for a hike. It was nice to be out with him on a beautiful day and we made good progress. Then as time went on I noticed that he started walking a few steps ahead of me. And after a little while, a few steps further.

At first I thought it was by accident and I hurried up to keep pace with him. We stayed like that for about a minute before he breezed ahead again.

When I finally opened my mouth to say, "Are we in a race?" he looked back at me, screamed as if he didn't expect anyone to be right there, and bolted off, further and faster ahead than I was willing to go.

Sure, I called after him but he didn't stop and was lost to sight.

When I returned to the parking lot I found him there leaning against his car with a big smile. He asked me, "How was your hike?"

I told him, "Great, thanks. See you," and I drove away.


  1. Wow OP, you must have had some serious BO.

  2. This is 2016. A REEEAL woman would have pursued her man. Some ride-or-die chick you are!

  3. Was he doing his Dory impression?

  4. Trick Number 21 of the book "101 dickish ways to let your date know you're not into them"

  5. The scream part just adds insult to insult as does waiting around. If you are going to ditch dates in a rude way, just drive off once you get back to the car, don't hang around.


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